Our Vision for the future

Our Vision
The lab data from five years of scientifically conducted field trails treating saline (brackish) water ranging from 1,500 to 300,000 TDS confirmed the validity our Electrostatic Ionizer.
Our Ionizer grew barley in Buckeye, Arizona with 1,500 TDS groundwater while the barley irrigated with the untreated water died. The Ionizer grew corn using ocean water (30,000 TDS) in the Gulf of Mexico, and Bermuda grass using frac water (300,000 TDS). And because our units can be powered with a small solor panel, we can grow food anywhere in the world.
Our Vision has two parts:

• The first part is to give agriculture the ability to use saline groundwater to safely grow their crops, like we’ve been doing for the past 15 years — verified by our various field and lab trials.

Fresh water is becoming more scarce and we know that’s not going to change. We know as the population grows, the global drought increases and the demand for more food and water skyrockets, the only solution will be to use saline groundwater. With our Electrostatic Ionizer the agriculture industry will no longer need to rely solely on fresh water. In fact, based on the results of our field trials, we believe farmers will be able to grow more food using less water — our field trials showed a 7 to 40 percent greater crop production with up to 30 percent less water.

• The second part of our Vision is to install our solar-powered Ionizer in villages and communities globally; we call it “The G-4 Vision.” By installing solar-powered Ionizers in villages they will be able to use most any available water to grow food. This opportunity will create farming co-ops, supply energy. Employment, revenue, and a new infrastructure; a possibility to end starvation and conflict.

As the saying goes, acting locally, thinking globally; that’s our Vision for the Future.