Vineyard yields

The three photos on this page were taken by vineyard operator Jim Murphy, who has been using one of AG1 units for nearly 10 years.

murphy grapes 0518

He has reported a nearly 4-ton-per-acre increase in production since installing the AG1.


murphy grapes 0519

He also reports that because the treated water makes his plants stronger and healthier, they have been able to fend off damage from nemotodes. While the water does not kill the organisms, he says the plants are too healthy for them to do any harm, thus eliminating the need to treat for nemetodes chemically.


murphy grapes 0520


 Conditions without AG1 unit operating
• Nematode count: 2,000
• Pierce's disease present
• Chardonnay production 4 tons per acre

 Conditions with AG1 unit operating
• No root damage caused by nematodes
• Pierce's disease eliminated
• Chardonnay production 7 tons per acre


To learn how a Natural Systems' AG1 unit can help your vineyard, call James Smallwood at (805) 403-4785 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask him about your situation.