Strawberry yield test

Organic Strawberry Crop Production
Cooperative Farm Demonstration Project
CFDP 2014 Report
Paired Field Trials Irrigated with Treated and Untreated Low
Saline Ground Water (1,500 mg/L TDS), Salinas, CA
16-Acre Farm: 8 acres Treated/8 Acres Untreated

The project was developed with an organic farmer in Salinas using paired field trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ionizer technology for Increasing organic strawberry crop production and treating hard pan when irrigated with treated and untreated (controls) low-saline groundwater (1,500 mg/L TDS).

• Natural Systems determined that it was necessary to develop a few Cooperative Farm Demonstration Projects (CFDP) with farmers, farm organizations, academia, foundations, and/or state agricultural extension services and the farming community as a validation process of demonstrating the benefits treating Low Saline Ground Water (LSGW) using the Ionizer for irrigating crops on their farms.
• The goals of these CFDP’s are to develop statistically credible scientific test results from paired test plots to statistically analyze Hard Pan and compare key plant growth and crop production variables where the plants have been irrigated with treated or untreated water to validate the treatment benefits to different crops, soils, low saline groundwater and environmental conditions.
• The farmer provides two equal size test plots with size depending on the crop and farm. Both test plots are watered with the farmer’s local LSGW, however the treated test plot is irrigated with water being treated by the Optimizer, while the other is irrigated with untreated water, serving as a control.
• The study was designed to study Hard Pan soil, compare plant growth, plant development and total crop production, in phases throughout the CFDP, from seed germination to harvest at key recognized plant growth stages, and total crop production.

• 1500 TDS saline ground water
• Hard Pan soil
• Marginal crop production of 2,587 flats per acre

• Elimination of hard pan
• Increased root development
• Increased plant development
• Increased bud development and fruit production resulting in 2,781 flats per acre, an increase of 194 more flats per acre (7.5% increase in production)
• Increased net revenue of $2,300 per acre/$18,634 per 3-month harvest

berry comparison6 2

berry roots untreated

berry roots treated

berry harvest chart

berry harvest results

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