SP1 sprayer unit

Electrostatic Add On for Sprayers
Our SP1 add-on sprayer unit

The perfect alternative to more expensive ionizing sprayers, our units convert a regular ground or aerial sprayer, providing all of the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Our self-contained SP1 module can be connected to your sprayer's current 12-volt battery and takes up less than 2 cubic feet.

Natural Systems SP1 add-on unit for sprayers

The 12-volt, SP1 add-on spray unit can be installed easily on golf course sprayers, farm sprayers, and aerial sprayers. Whether yours is a 25-gallon, 500-gallon or larger sprayer, this unit will work for you.

This unit is designed to provide better coverage and eliminate drift. Typically, both water and plants carry a positive charge. Because like charges repel each other, water molecules are repelled by the plant, resulting in the spray drifting away from the plant. The SP1 negatively charges the water, so it is attracted to the positive charge and adheres to the plant rather than being repelled.

This could mean you have up to 30% more water available, improved soil health and an increase in crop production. Earlier seed germination also means an early harvest, which means you beeat your comptitors to market, earning you the highest possible prices for your crops.
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The SP1 is a safe alternative because it produces only 12-volts and 900 milliamps.

Although mounting options are extremely flexible, the unit is most often mounted in the cab of a tractor, and is powered by the tractor's 12-volt battery. A 6-inch stainless nipple is installed into the delivery hose before it branches and the charge wire from the SP1 unit is attached to the stainless nipple.

The SP1 unit will provide your with more thorough, even coverage, including under the leaves of strawberry plants.

When drift and overspray is a common problem, installing the SP1 on your existing sprayer can reduce material costs from 10 percent to 15 percent, reduce drift up to 70 percent, and reduce labor costs significantly.