DS1 descale unit

Agricultural wells, drip irrigation systems, commercial operations including wineries as well as residential systems, often develop scale and calcium build-up. This process begins immediately and builds over time. This calcification freezes pumps, reduces the volume of water production, and eventually the system needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Chemicals and water softeners are costly, and are mostly ineffective.

Natural Systems has developed a proprietary system to keep wells, plumbing, and drip systems from scaling. Units that were installed as long as 15 years ago are still keeping wells scale-free. Drip systems that are delivering water treated with our DS1 units do not experience the scaling and clogging that often lead to costly replacement or plant loss due to clogged delivery heads.
Our DS1 units induce a negative charge into water. This “electronic water conditioning” takes the iron, calcium, and other “hardening” agents out of solution; keeping them suspended, effectively preventing them from causing scale and calcium hardness.

A stainless steel probe connected to the charge wire of the DS1 unit is easily installed into the well or water line. The probe is constantly charged, conditioning the incoming water with no moving parts to replace.

The DS1 can be powered from a standard 110-volt outlet, 12 volt D.C. battery system, or solar power. The electrical current produced by the DS1 is no more than 12 volts and 900 milliamps, which means it is virtually harmless. It uses no chemicals, requires no maintenance, and typically costs approximately $6 per month for electricity.

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