A California liquid waste treatment facility, treating septic, landfill leachate, and portable toilet wastewater has replaced it's chemical treatment process with Electrocoagulation and Ozone and reduced waste water treatment cost by $90,000 per month. More..

A diesel engine assembly and semi tractor repair facility in central California uses an Electrocoagulation (EC) system to reclaim steam cleaner wash water and parking lot run off water, eliminating discharge fees and saving on average $700,000 per year. More..


About Natural Systems


Natural Systems provides innovative technology services to treat, recycle and reuse municipal and industrial wastewater and biosolids. Representing leading edge manufacturers in the field, Natural Systems technologies will:

  • Treat industrial wastewater containing heavy metals, cyanide, BOD, COD, Phosphorous, Fats, Oil, and grease.
  • Treat and convert municipal wastewater into clean water for reuse.
  • Treat commercial wastewater to meet discharge requirements for BOD, COD, and phosphorous.

Unique and Proven Waste Treatment Technologies

Natural Systems represents the following innovative companies, offering unique and complementary waste treatment technologies:

Electrocoagulation (EC) wastewater treatment modules apply an electric charge to treat and clean waste water as it flows over iron slats. Replacing chemical agents in the “coagulation” process of removng waste from water, EC uses electricity to shock the water and separate the toxins and heavy metals to be easily filtered out. Elements such as BOD (bacteria) and phosphorous have been effectively removed by as much as 99%. Some of the companies using EC include Kaiser, Tyson Foods, Swift, Chevron, Toshiba, Samsung, and Intel. Recently Tyson Foods installed a 500 gallon per minute unit in their Midwest facility to treat chicken processing wastewater.

Converting trash to energy, the Pyromex pyrolysis system is a ultra-high temperature unit which “disintegrates” tires, sewage, plastic and trash. This process involves the application of intense, indirect thermal energy in the absence of oxygen which reduces the material to a combustible gas and a non-hazardous inorganic material. The gas can be used directly or power an electric generator.

For more efficient sewage systems, Natural Systems offers NORAM Engineering, which builds and installs wastewater treatment systems one-fourth the size of existing sewage plants, treats sewage at a fraction of the cost to the city and can also produce clean water for irrigation.

The goal of Natural Systems is to bring effective environmental solutions to municipal, commercial, and industrial sectors of the community. We  bring the ability to properly treat and recycle municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater, and convert trash, sewage, and other waste streams into fuel and electricity; all the while reducing operating costs up to 90%.

Our markets include:

  • liquid wastewater treatment plants and disposal facilities
  • brewery and beverage production
  • dairy, poultry, hog and fish processing
  • truck and train washing
  • textile manufacturing
  • metal plating
  • copper, silver, gold and coal mining
  • computer component manufacturing
  • vehicle manufacturing

About the President, James Smallwood, M.A.


James Smallwood started a small company 12 years ago distributing fertilizers and water filtration equipment. “At that time I also had an idea of bringing a number of companies together that would provide a range of wastewater treatment equipment and services to a community or large business.” Last year that idea became Natural Systems, Inc.

“Over the past few years I did my research and found several companies who have developed proven new technology that treats a range of wastewater streams without using chemicals, including a company that has developed a way to convert biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment plants, pig farms and dairy’s into natural gas.”


Natural Systems Vision

Natural Systems is committed to addressing and solving the current global water and energy crisis. Diminishing and polluted global water supplies combined with dead and dying coral reefs and marine sanctuaries are evidence of our current global water crisis and hubris. In addition, we label sewage, trash, manure and other used commodities as “waste” for disposal into our oceans and to local landfills, or “approved” for land application and end up throwing away renewable energy resources; resources that can be used as feedstock and converted into clean reusable water, fuel, biodiesel and electricity.

Our current oil “crisis” is in reality the sign of our global energy crisis. We have not only created a preventable energy crisis, but we have also created an unnecessary pollution crisis by sending trash and tires into landfills, and sewage into our oceans, farms, and landfills; these materials represent the total mismanagement and destruction of renewable energy. We are not simply suffering from an “oil shortage”; we are suffering from the disposal and loss of renewable energy sources. This is a mismanagement trend we can, and must reverse! We also think that even “recycling” really amounts to throwing away carbon rich materials that could have been processed to produce fuel and electricity.

Tragically, it is common practice for wastewater treatment plants to dispose of billions of gallons of water daily instead of treating it properly and reusing it, and hauling away sewage that could be converted to electricity for on-site power. This practice is also common among livestock, industrial and commercial businesses, thereby wasting precious water needed for drinking and survival and forever losing potential energy sources; pushing communities and this planet into a global water and energy crisis.

Natural Systems accepts that our current Global Water and Energy Crisis is by far more serious than Global Warming itself. We intend to make available to communities environmentally friendly and sustainable systems to properly treat and reuse wastewater and solid waste and to provide more available clean water and energy for their community, and the planet. It will also be crucial to educate local people and governments to take ownership of and properly maintain new water and energy supply sources.

Natural Systems Perspective:

We acknowledge that the destruction of our air, land and marine environment was caused by our unregulated use of petroleum based energy systems, releases of hazardous and toxic chemicals and toxic sewage sludge from dairy and other waste water discharges into our environment. Local, state and federal governments have failed to properly regulate the dairy and other wastewater industries. Hence, water supplies have been drained, and poorly regulated sewages discharge has destroyed our land, river, and marine environments and created a “negative energy” loop. The consequence of this toxic overload is the global collapse our entire eco-system. Ironically, these waste streams are also sources of water production, recycling and reuse, and carbon-based renewable energy.

Natural Systems Partnerships:
Our goal is to collaborate with other water and energy partners and to source and employ water treatment and renewable energy systems and products which are energy efficient and effective in their design and ability in treating and providing clean useable water and renewable energy for communities and villages. Through collaborative partnerships with local governments, non-profits, volunteer organizations and community leaders, and other water and energy partners who have developed effective technologies that produce alternative energy and convert dairy and other waste to fuel and power and wastewater to clean water, we will be able to help provide clean water and energy for people covering a broad demographic. Water provides food, health, employment, community livelihood and opportunities for peace, and the ability to mitigate related environmental and political crisis.

Natural Systems Collaborative Strategy:
Natural Systems is committed to developing partnerships with governments, communities and villages, dairy and other livestock industries and commercial wastewater treatment plants, investors, and non-profits such as dairy and other livestock associations, the Global Coral Reef Alliance, The Small Island Developing States, The U.N. Global Conference on Sustainability, and Save the Rain, the Bren School of the Environment and Engineers Without Borders, Doctors Without Borders and contributing research partners.

Natural Systems Goals:
To provide clean, useable water and energy for communities and create employment and livelihood and reduce GHG and provide additional carbon credits

  1. To teach communities and urban populations rainwater harvesting and catchment
  2. To properly treat, recycle and reuse surface, livestock, industrial, commercial, and municipal wastewater and polluted and contaminated groundwater
  3. To convert livestock and multiple solid waste streams into renewable energy and clean electricity
  4. To clean toxic, contaminated water using the methods of Electrocoagulation
  5. Assist in the development of a local Environmental Sustainability Center engaged in forums, pod-casting, community-private partnerships, research, and forums
  6. Mitigate the destruction of our coral reefs and global marine environment caused by sewage wastewater treatment plants
  7. Provide workshops for design changes to architects and contractors in rainwater harvesting and other resource designs
  8. Produce a Global Water Crisis documentary titled “Future Water”
  9. Eliminate the destructive sewage discharges from livestock production, commercial and municipal treatment plants and the land application of toxic sewage sludge also referred to as “bio-solids”
  10. Collaborate with investors and technology partners to provide clean water and energy to financially disadvantaged villages and communities
  11. Combine water purification technology and waste conversion to energy technology to produce and provide clean water and convert trash into energy, create livelihood and employment, reduce GHG, provide carbon credits and support the environment
  12. Affect and change natural resources-to-waste policies and regulations into “water resource” and “renewable energy resource recovery” policies and regulations

Businesses and governments which have been driven by monetary incentives, and failed in their “environmental stewardship” have sent our planet into an ecological crisis. Ironically, only through ecological incentives will be able to properly solve these problems.  We are dedicated to educating the global community that the global water and energy crisis is now. And to providing clean drinking water and renewable energy for villages and communities for the purpose of developing a healthy economic infrastructure and meeting the future challenges we will face; today’s wastewater is the water of the future, and today’s waste is the energy of the future.

Natural Systems is enlisting the support of investors, technology and energy partners, local, state, national and international governments and organizations, corporate support, academic partnerships, and international networking, to implement environmental regulation and policy changes.  We are bringing together investors, engineers, business people, local and global environmental and governmental agencies, water purification and conversion technologies, enlisting environmental non-profits, and initiating and completing community environmental projects, and distributing globally an environmental documentary titled “FutureWater”. Together, through the “practical management of water and renewable energy”, we will provide water and energy for the future.